Thrift Hangover

Do you get excited over 50% off days at the Salvation Army? Do you drool over the thought of snagging a designer dress for $5? Ever spent hours combing the racks at Goodwill one, two or three times a week? Welcome to Thrift Hangover: the blog for people addicted to thrifting.

Love to Shop Thrift!I’ve pretty much always had a slight obsession with thrifting- I guess it started back in high school when I would shop for flannel shirts, vintage ski sweaters, and quirky t-shirts to complete my unique version of the grunge look I was going for. When my Mom insisted on taking me to the Gap to buy a new outfit, I would much rather take the money and head over to the nearby Goodwill. At one point, I even decided to “volunteer” at a church thrift shop: a) because it was required by our high school to put in  so many hours of community service, but b) because I knew I would get first dibs on whatever donated items came through that shop.

I took a break from thrift shopping, but I guess it really just morphed into an antique-hunting interest: specifically white milk glass. I had loads and loads of vases, candy dishes and pitchers- much to my husband’s dismay. I love all things antique, vintage, retro and historical- call me sentimental, I guess.

And now, more recently, I’ve been bitten by the thrifting bug again! If you’re like me, you love the hunt: exploring the aisles of racks and bins in hopes that you’ll find a great deal or a special vintage piece. The addiction comes when you know that new inventory is cycled in almost every day, so there’s really no end to the hunt. Also, the thrill of thrifting comes with knowing that you are participating in two greater causes: 1) you’re supporting a non-profit organization with your purchase and, 2) you are recycling clothing rather than purchasing new clothes made in some sweat shop in China.

Thrift Hangover was started with the intention of documenting my adventures in thrift shopping locally (Sonoma County, CA) as well as wherever my travels take me and my family. It’s designed for the newbie thrifter, as well as the seasoned expert: a community for all who love thrifting!