To Etsy or Not To Etsy

So I’ve been collecting quite a bit of cute vintage-y stuff:  knick knacks, clothing (children’s, men’s and women’s), purses, etc. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a “vintage” shop on Etsy, simply because I very much enjoy shopping for and collecting such items, but realize that I can’t keep going at the pace I’m going- otherwise, I’ll end up on that reality show about hoarders.
Etsy seems like such a great place for the arts-and-craftsy type, who can make a decent amount of money selling their handmade and one-of-a-kind creations. Now, Etsy allows people to not only sell handmade items, but also vintage (things that are 20 years or older) as well as supplies like buttons, yarn, and beads. To set-up shop, Etsy only takes a modest portion of your sale (3.5%) and charges $0.20 for you to list each item that you post in your “shop” for four months, or until it sells.
So far, it sounds great! The intimidating factor is the sheer number of people who are already doing this on Etsy:
Selling Vintage on Etsy

Do you see that number in the upper left corner?! That’s a heck of a lot of competition. Part of me thinks that there would be no room for my little “shop” in Etsy. On the other hand, I know that most of the things I find on my thrift and antique hunting adventures probably can’t be found anywhere else just due to the fact that they are 20+ years old and weren’t (as) mass produced. What are the chances there  would be an exact duplicate of an owl figurine I bought at an estate sale?

Still, it does take time and dedication to maintain your shop, package and ship items once they sell, and update your inventory.

I’d love to hear from current and past Etsy shop owners about the pro’s and con’s of being involved in this business. Share your thoughts below!