Bit By the Collecting Bug

My first encounter with collecting came from a love and admiration for Milk Glass. It was something about it being of another era, about the many patterns and designs it came in, about the fact that it was relatively cheap to buy (compared to other things found in an antique shop). I also loved that I could find Milk Glass at thrift stores for even cheaper! And so, I was “bit by the collecting bug.”

I had vase upon vase, pitchers and cake pedestals- you name it. In our previous house, we had a shelf just below the ceiling in our kitchen that spanned the entire perimeter of the room, in which I displayed my beautiful collection. Soon, I had too many to fit on the shelf, and had to place the others in boxes that sat in the garage collecting dust.

When we decided to sell our house and move to a bigger one, we had a garage sale and I ended up selling many of my treasured pieces…I managed to convince my husband that I needed to keep a few, for “sentimental reasons” ;D

milk glass antique retro pedestal bowl

milk glass antique retro pedestal bowl

milk glass antique retro pitcher

milk glass antique retro dessert bowl set

milk glass antique retro hobnail pitcher

Did you know that there’s even a national organization for Milk Glass collectors? Me neither. Well, apparently there is, and they have conventions each year- in case you wanted to check it out, the next one is in New York at the end of September. According to Collectors Weekly, Milk Glass originated as far back as the 16th century! However, I think most of the Milk Glass found in thrift and antique stores are from the 1950’s onward, with many popular pieces having producer Fenton’s signature “hobnail” pattern (see an example of it in the image of the pitcher above).

I truly enjoy antiques in general, but something about Milk Glass just captivates me ๐Ÿ˜€