Flower Power

My family and I randomly stopped off at the wonderful Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, located in downtown Santa Rosa. It was a beautiful day, and the plants were showing off for us 🙂 Here are a few photos from our visit:

Front of Luther Burbank's Barn turned Gift Shop

the front of luther burbank’s barn turned gift shop

Luther Burbank's Home

luther burbank’s home decorated for independence day

old tile in brick wall at luther burbank's home

old tile in a brick wall at luther burbank’s home

Luther Burbank's Garden Artichoke Blossoms

artichokes bloom in the garden

Luther Burbank's Greenhouse

the greenhouse

Yellow Hot Poker Flowers at Luther Burbank's Garden

yellow hot poker flowers show off

Giant Spineless Cactus behind the Barn at Luther Burbank's Garden

giant spineless cactus behind the barn