Purse Snatcher!

My newest obsession: purses. I think it started about two weeks ago when I went on a thrifting marathon for my birthday and found these two cuties calling my name at the Salvation Army out on Lytton Springs Road in Healdsburg:

Cute purses from the Salvation Army

pretty little vintage clutches

I’m in love with these two vintage clutches right now! I’ve been using the gold one regularly as it’s big enough to hold my smart phone, cash, and cards- just the basics (my husband would always complain about my purses being so big that I could never find anything…this’ll show him!). I’m also in love with the fact that I paid $3.99 for each! Super great find, super great deal.

And, just the other day I headed over to check out what the Sutter VNA Thrift Store on Lewis Rd. in Santa Rosa had to offer. It was on the way to my doctor’s appointment and I just couldn’t resist peeking in for a few minutes- I’m sure glad I did!

gray handbag from Sutter VNA Thrift Store Santa Rosa

I couldn’t pass this strappy little number up for $2.50! I also love the gray color and think it will complement many an outfit. This vintage black clutch won me over with its beautiful silver handle. I snagged it for $2.

Vintage black purse with silver handle