St. Eugene’s Cathedral Thrift Shop

St. Eugene's Cathedral Thrift Shop

2323 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa, CA

Phone: 707.542.6984 (Parish Office)

Hours: 9:30am- 2:30am, Tuesday and Wednesday

Not much too this little Catholic Church thrift store- I think my bedroom at home is bigger than the shop! Nevertheless, it was packed with shoes, mostly women’s and children’s clothing, household items, toys and some jewelry.

Inside St. Eugene's Cathedral Thrift Shop

small shop, packed racks

This store gladly accepts donations, too. Out front, they had a large shelf with items that were discounted. There are two areas for parking: the large lot that is connected to the school with the entrance facing Montgomery Drive; and a small lot just in front of the thrift shop with the entrance facing Farmers Lane.

I wouldn’t totally say “pass this one up” just because it was so small, as I did find a cute pair of leopard print wedges and earrings on my trip. I just may not frequent this one as much as I don’t know how much inventory they cycle through.

Although I didn’t walk out of the store with it, I did think it was a rather cute top…Cute Blouse at St. Eugene's Cathedral Thrift Shop