I Am Animal Print, Hear Me Roar

Earlier today, I dropped by this quaint little thrift shop at the Catholic Church near my house. I guess I had greater expectations that it was going to be larger than it actually was. It was a tiny, closet-sized shop and was slightly bummed that it wasn’t going to take me very long to forage through the racks- as an addicted thrift shopper, it is my right to spend at least an hour at a shop searching through the inventory…how dare they deprive me of that!

Cute Leopard Print Wedges, St. Eugene's Cathedral Thrift Shop


Anyway, I was just about ready to leave when something caught my eye- this cute pair of leopard print wedges. Could they actually be in my size?! Why yes, they were! Sold, for $3.50. I decided to make one more quick look around the store before I headed to the check out. Nothing, so I went up to pay. There, sitting next to the register, was a tray of jewelry for sale and I spotted these adorable (and somewhat matching) clip-on earrings for $1.00.Leopard Print Clip-on Earrings, St. Eugene's Cathedral Thrift Store I’m not one to be that “match-y” with my outfits, but I thought each piece would be a cute addition to separate ensembles. Total spent= $4.88! Another successful thrift adventure.