Serving Up Thrift Style

Estate Sale Collector's PlatesA few weeks ago, I attended my very first estate sale. It wasn’t planned, by any means, I just happen to be driving home and saw a sign for it. It was just after I dropped my son off at preschool, around 8:15am…as I pulled up to the house, there were already a ton of cars parked along the street, and a fairly long line posted out front. I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on, so I just got in line with everyone else. As I stood and waited, I would hear other peoples’ conversations about such-and-such company marking up prices on estate sales versus others, or how they scored this 19-whatever necklace for super cheap. Some people had been waiting in that line since 7am! Came to learn that the company handling the estate sale that day was opening the door at 9am, and only about 5 people would be let in at a time. At that point I almost left, just because I had already waited about 25 minutes, and there were at least 20 people in front of me- who knows how long each person would take in there?!

But, I stayed. Why? Because I was curious to see what kind of cool stuff was in that house. Because I had never experienced an estate sale before. Because I love antiques. Finally, my turn had come and I entered this house that smelled like a stale ashtray- yuck. The sale had a lot of nice jewelry, and a garage full of tools. What caught my eye were these really cool collector’s plates: especially the one that came from a local kitchen supply store, Hardisty’s, was marked “1976” on the back, and had pretty painted poppies and “Santa Rosa, Calif.” on the front. I also love the others I picked out, and got them each for $2.00! They were the perfect addition to jazz up my cottage/office.